Suggestions for a Phone Script.

Christopher Alaniz

I am looking for a phone script, this will be used for a high interest campaign for customers above a set amount that we want to bring back in to lower their APR. Any suggestions?

Anne Shaneen

Really, you can say just that. The big key is to get them in the door. Create your value proposition, then add the typical appointment setting script on the end. Always be specific with the appt setting and you should be good to go. 

Elise Kephart

Hi Christopher,


Key factor is everything you do up to this point is to get this customer on the phone on a live conversation.  I have found the most succesful people with equity mining is expressing an exclusive concern to the customer that PULLS them into the market by showing them specific interest in their current vehicle they are driving.

With this process-it is important to utilize proper steps to get the customer live on the phone and never disclose details or why you want to get them on the phone from your voicemail or emails.

Hope this helps.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you!

Continued Success,

Mark Rask

Anne is right ......simple and to the point

Colin Thomas

I’m on board with Elise’s comment about expressing interest in the customer’s current vehicle.

You have to be careful about what expectations you set, obviously not knowing the DNA of your store I would simply say that there are two schools of thought with credit customers, the first being to collect data and qualify so as to not disappoint the sales floor with an opportunity they can’t sell. I am not a fan of this as it severely limits the credit customers you can drive in. for every one you drive in doing this you’ve probably killed 10 opportunities /shows. It also ends up consuming an enormous amount of BDC time. The second and in my humble opinion, is the far better option is to stick to generating the appointment and letting the sales floor and finance qualify. Having said that, I would use word tracks and set expectations that relate to your specific dealerships direction.

Here are some wordtracks that I like and work well.

 1.“Are you still driving the 2007 Avalanche?” Let the customer reply. “If we offered you enough money for it would you sell it to us”? A customer will usually respond with yes or probably. Who wouldn’t sell their vehicle for the “right” amount, right? If you get push back from the customer about not setting an appointment until they know how much your dealership will offer for their vehicle simply tell the customer that “It would be irresponsible for any dealership (it’s important you say any and not “me” here) to give you that number over the phone because only a trained appraiser can give that number” They key there is you’re setting your store apart from the rest, because you have a trained appraiser. (Obviously we don’t tell the customer it’s our used car manager)

Show (*sound*) genuine interest in that specific make and model. If it’s a Chevrolet or Cadillac, you have even more leverage to sound “extra” excited! Having a smile on your face really can go the extra mile when you’re talking with a customer on a buyback/highinterest campaign. Your enthusiasm and excitement will resonate with the customer and will build up THEIR excitement and hope of lowering their APR and getting a newer vehicle.

2.“When was the last time we had an opportunity to appraise your Avalanche”?

The customer will generally say you haven’t appraised it, which gives you more reason to sound even more enthusiastic about an appraisal, and generally if they have, it wasn’t at your dealership. In the rare case that they have had their vehicle appraised at your store find out when it was, generally it won’t be recently and a lot has probably changed since then (Payoff, the customer’s credit, down payment available, job, etc.) But obviously if it was last week and we couldn’t do anything that’s a different story…I never want my BD reps driving people in for disappointment, again, it’s a fine line and you have to use judgement. If factors have changed for the better then it’s probably worth driving the customer in again.

3.I’ve found that a great word track is “We have a buyer and an immediate need for pre-owned Avalanches’.” (our buyer is our used car manager and our immediate need is to sell cars)

“How Soon can you make it in?” (don’t pause or hesitate)

Offer up two VIP Priority appraisal times

“I have a _____:15_____ and a _____:45_____ priority VIP appraisal for Avalanches today, which works better for you”?

I’m a fan of the words “priority” and “VIP”, especially with past customers. “We are going to have our appraiser waiting for you so you don’t have to wait for him and we will have the XXX (whatever the customer has expressed interest in, if anything) ready and pulled up when you arrive, washed and gassed so you can get in and out” (Obviously if your store does not prepare vehicles ahead of time for shows don’t over promise)

It’s not a script, per say, but so much of what we do in the BDC is about phycology, and explaining the phycology behind why what we say or don’t say is so important and is why I spend 3-5 days onboarding new reps before they get on the phones. Hopefully some of this is helpful.

Mark Rask

we really like using call guides instead of scripts

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