Suggestions for E-mail templates?

Alexis Bassler
I've used all sorts of email templates for every type of customer/situation etc. I feel that a lot of these emails either are filtered through spam or ignored because they are too 'wordy' or not personal enough. Mind sharing some templates you get good responses to? Personally, I'm a big fan of a very simple followup template so that it looks like you really did take 5-10mins to write it yourself. Thoughts/input appreciated!
Shawn Ryder
Alexis - are you looking for some simple templates? Our platform has a number of straight forward templates to use and modify to your dealership.
Alexis Bassler
Yes and no, Shawn. I would like to see some simple well-written templates, but I was hoping to get some input from others about what style they felt got more responses? Not sure if that really clarified much....
Chris K Leslie
I use mailchimp to build all of my templates. I haven't found a CRM that even comes close to the builder. Plus they have tons of templates you can use and repurpose. Also you can export to HTML, and copy and paste the source code right into a blank CRM template or even an outlook email and it carries all of it's formatting. I'll normally add code snippets for names and other personalized stuff. For creative pieces I normally build them in and import the images into mailchimp. Here are a few of my templates that I've built and carried into the CRM. They don't function as I embed most of the links one I have them in the CRM. I've got a bunch more finished ones if you want me to send to you. I try to keep my images bright and big, simple CTA and the minimum amount of text needed to get the message across. Mailchimp makes it easy to strip images and such if the customers provider blocks those or something. Also, I like to follow the design trends of what I see outside the auto industry. The reason is that most of our customers are getting emails from some really great marketers out there I.e targets, walmarts, amazon, app developers. So I look to those guys for inspiration in creative and messaging. Hope that helps
Chris K Leslie
Here Are a couple more
Jillian Marchewka
Chris, I agree that MailChimp's email design interface is awesome (much better than Constant Contact.) I'm going to let you all in on a secret tool that has helped me create AWESOME email templates that I was able to integrate into our CRM... Say hello to InkBrush (formerly known at MailRox) - Basically you can create graphic email template in Photoshop, Gimp, etc and then you can use InkBrush to easily slice it up, add links, add input boxes for text, etc. Then InkBrush tests the layout in any type of browser (desktop or mobile) to make sure that it will look AMAZING on any device. Then it nicely creates the HTML and the corresponding folder with the sliced email images that it ready to upload via FTP to a web host OR you can export it directly to a number of services like MailChip, etc. I've used it to seamlessly integrate it into our CRM... I upload the graphics to our blog storage and then I just copy and paste the HTML and save it as a template. If you'd like a few examples I can email you so you can check it out yourself/walk you through my process! A huge thing to do when it comes to mobile email templates it to make sure that you are designing your elements with mobile devices in mind. Add click to call options via html for your phone number, make Google Maps open when users click your address, make your text easily read and scrollable, etc. As far as email templates in the customer cycle, I absolutely HATE pre-generated generic templates that are sent to everyone with their name put in the merge field... HATE IT! Customers do too... They know it is automatically sent and they will probably just delete it before reading it. With my templates, design them to be kind of like beautiful stationary, or a branded letterhead. I then have text areas to write personal responses to customers. It provides a very professional look, but also keeps interaction personal. I also have a huge response rate when I write email subjects in reference to the vehicle they are interested in. For example: "RE: 2014 Chevrolet Cruze / Hello (Customer First Name)! | ABC Motors."

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