Randi DeSantis
We are ready to move to tablet technology- but I am struggling with WHAT tablet technology to bite the bullet with. I know that Apple and Android make the best tablets- but if we are using them as the ONLY work station for sales people, will they be losing funtionality that they are used to (like Microsoft Office). I could do a windows based tablet- Like the Venue or the Surface- but then I would be THIRD in line for app technology and would reply on mobile websites for work. Or does it not matter- do I use a VMWare type tool (which I know NOTHING about, but I have been told to look into it)- and then I can use any tablet? I'm so lost. My poor sales people are working on Windows XP Pcs from 2003. We have to make a move (especially with the 4/8 XP end of life fast approaching). Where do I start- and how do I know if its the RIGHT decision. Regardless- we will be doing a large monitor, mouse, keyboard and docking station at each desk.
Scott Nelson
I would stick with Apple or Android. Windows is still a little behind in my book. Maybe you could take a poll with your sales staff. Sticking to the same platform might be smart when you start buying applications. However, that wont be popular because some have their preferences. I'm sure Apple will be more expensive, but its my pick. :o)
mark rask
I would start by talking to my crm and dms companies. They very well may not support or interface with certain tablets.
Randi DeSantis
My CRM is VINSolutions- it is web based... and I already have people using their personal iPads with it. My sales people do not work in our DMS- so not that it matters- but we use ADP. ADP prefers Apple- we are installing ServiceEdge in May- and the only option for their mobile technology is iPad. I have read articles that seem to question if tablets can totally replace a desktop yet in a professional setting. That is why I have thought to lean towards a windows based tablet- I feel like I would not be losing functionality in exchange for mobility. Regardless- its a HUGE purchase- and something that I have diligently worked at putting off as long as possible. And to your point Scott- Oddly, windows tablets will cost more. But that is just when comparing tablet to tablet- I'm not sure of final prices when everything is involved. Does anyone have experience moving sales people to tablets?
Randi DeSantis
Oh- and thanks for the feedback!
Grant Gooley
Randi, you bring such a great topic to the table here.It's time we take the big leap and look like we are with the times, right? To Marks point, CRM would be my first step as well and it sounds like you have your ducks in line there. Wouldn't it be great to have a custom app designed especially for your store that integrates with Vin Soloutions and follows the dealership process to a tee? 4 Square, warranty explanations, vehicle builder and options checklist. I'm sure it could be done with a hefty price tag attached. If I were you, I would really think of what I wanted in regards to an end goal and make my tablet decision accordingly. Better process in general? Better CRM process? Just want to look more professional and "flashy"? What ever your end goal is, it will guide you to a different idea of what product would best match your initiative. Good luck! Please, write a blog about what you end up doing, I would love to hear about it :)

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