Text Message Appointment Confirmations

David Zotti

I've searched up and down, and have not found a decent platform to send out text messages to customers to confirm their sales appointment. Is there a program out there where we can simply send customers appointment confirmations via text, preferably one that integrates via our CRM. If not, then one where BDC reps can simply enter the customer's number (with customer's consent of course) to send the reminder without having the two-step opt-in.

Like to hear what everyone on DS are using.

Kim R

We use Pingers, Inc -  Textfree.us app in our BDC for confirming appointments and Follow-Up Inquiries.  It is a free app and it serves the purpose.

Chris K Leslie

Whats your CRM? 

Mark Rask

we use our crm which requires an opt in

Kurt Lytle

I'm currently using VinSolutions CRM.  They insist you must email the opt in for texting or have it on your website etc.  ELEADS let you text an opt in and even confirms a number available in the CRM is SMS capable.  I'm not a lawyer, but the ELEADS system sure worked well for me when it came to texting.  

Chris K Leslie

We use "socket talk" which is the SMS option for Dealer Socket. 

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