Texting at Dealerships

Leila Mozaffarian

Do you find that texting is helpful at dealerships? What are some pros and cons you have found in providing texting to customers?

What texting platforms are you using? What is good about it?  If you could make some changes to the platform, what would it be?

If anyone could help me get more educated in the auto industry in general and specifically how texting has been and continues to impact the industry, that would be much appreciated.

Tony McMurray

As a sales person I have communicated on a level with customers via text on too many deals I can count. Everything is moving faster and texting seems to be replacing email as it's faster. There are many platforms that allow you to add what seems to be "live chat" to dealer websites but is actually a chat to text. THey send a message and it goes to a mobile device as SMS. Syncro is one I personally tried out and was impressed with the ease of use but I was using it as a test on my personal portfolio/branding website. One sales leads that come in via email I have also found that a lot of times if I can't reach a lead by phone I can text them and get a reply pretty quick. Again, I've been able to set a lot of appointments and sell many vehicles using text.

Chris K Leslie

We certainly use SMS in our stores. It's additional option to communicate which is always great. I think it's too soon to say if one communication tool is better than the other because they are all different. However,  I like that we have more options as a whole. 

We use the tool that is built in to Dealersocket as it allows us to be compliant with federal laws and it also imports all the texts back in to the notes for the customer in the CRM which is vital. I don't know that I would make any changes to how it operates. 

Leila Mozaffarian

Thank you Tony and Chris. I appreciate it!

Ben Reynolds

Today we have to be on top of technology and interact with customers in many different ways. Phone, text, email, chat, and even video.  Only issue I have is salesman can get lazy with the text and do negotiations from it. If they truly want our vehicle they will either set an appointment or free themselves up for a 5 minute phone call. At least we have a little more leverage that way.  I want our BDC reps to use text but the BDC director will not allow it unless the GM provides phones or credits.  

Steve Roessler

Getting "opt in" is key and most CRMs have texting available.     My thoughts is that all forms of communication need to be utilized based on the CUSTOMER'S preference.... NOT the Salesperson.     Having transparency visible can provide excellent coaching techiniques from the managers to sales.    I have seen where people make phone calls over and over and clearly the customer prefers texting.   

If texting is preferred, I would hope the sales team can leverage this to build the relationship to earn a phone call when needed.    

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