Texting Customers

Morgan Hardy

How early/late do you think it is acceptable to text/call customers? I used to not contact anyone before 9am but now I see people reaching out before 7am. Does it matter anymore?

Cooper Gruszka

Tricky question. I am probably in the minority but I say text them whenever. Unlike a phone call, receiving a text doesn’t create an inconvenience ( my phone doesn’t ding) and the prospect can reply on their own time. I’ve actually seen time and time again where customers thank you for giving them information before/after hours because they know it isn’t someone texting them out of obligation, rather you care enough to give up personal time to assist them.

Christian Younggren

I think that texting and email at odd hours are just fine. Texting is unobtrusive, unless recipient has alerts on, however that is no fault of the person returning the text. Text is wonderful for these types of situations. I also agree with @cooper that texting after store hours shows a willingness to put in some extra work. I say text away!!!

Bart Wilson

The only caveat I have is I think you want to make sure you don't text at 3 am. I think there are limits to this, and you want to respect them. I think a text at really odd hours would come across as an automated message and not a real response.

Does that make sense?

Cooper Gruszka

I do agree with you Bart. Texting at 2,3,4 AM could come off as odd and possibly automated. I just think texting outside business hours if need be is great if you avoid the extremes.

Chris K Leslie

I think it should follow your business hours. 

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