Texting experience for customers at Dealerships

Leila Mozaffarian


Can someone please explain to me why dealerships like having one number for their customers to call and a different number for their customers to text?

I can't understand if there is some kind of tracking that is being done or what. Why not just activate mainline numbers to text?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me better understand the reason for this.

Marissa Marazzi

From someone who runs Google campaigns, I believe you are referring to the usage of call tracking using forwarding numbers from Google. With forwarding numbers we are able to track your online ad performance for call conversions. Different numbers may be used because they are in different ad groups. 

When we run campaigns via Google, we'll use call extensions and call-only ads with Google forwarding phone numbers to see the details of your calls, and count them as conversions.

It's a very smart and progressive strategy to use and it also can be used to utilize automated bidding strategies to increase likelihood of conversions.

In summary- it's meant to be able to track everything from an analytics standpoint (that's why they are seperate) to justify digital spend and optimize conversions. 

Hope that helps!

Leila Mozaffarian

Oh ok, I just learned a lot that I didn't know. But I guess my question is if I had this in Google AdWords for a specific business... couldn't the customer still "text" the mainline number and have it forwarded to a different number? 

Image result for google adwords zipwhip

I understand the important of analytics and keeping track of those numbers and conversions. But wouldn't the same mainline number recognition be more important than providing a random number since that number is going to be in the customers phone?

Leila Mozaffarian

Also, thank you for your comment. It means a lot.

JP Arizona

Excellent point, these are not made with the customer in mind but tracking data ROI.

David Zotti

As a dealer, many of us are not aware our existing landline numbers can be used for texting to start off. Well at least I wasn't, until now.

Like Marissa said, Call tracking numbers is huge. Almost every dealership uses call tracking and has many different call tracking numbers for each service they have. These are the phone numbers customers see most of the time when making initial contact with the dealership. Customers usually see the dealer's ACTUAL phone number when the dealer or sales rep mentions it in an ad or in an email. These call tracking numbers are usually toll-free numbers, which to my understanding is textable, not sure how our vendors who provide them will comply with that. Even if they do, with so many different numbers, that means we would have to promote that each and every call-tracking number can be texted. That adds an extra step in the listing process or having to configure all our sites and 3rd parties to text that number, plus the underlying challenge of making customers aware they can actually text an 800 number.

For most established dealerships, we need to be able to analyze how each solution we have is performing. I can see this concept working very well in smaller dealerships or other businesses that don't use call tracking.

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