Texting internet leads- Your thoughts?

Amanda Waggoner
We are implementing a texting feature to our CRM next month for BDC/Internet leads. I'm wanting to get your thoughts on what has worked for you and any suggestions on texting leads. How often do you text and what do you normally say in your first text?
Ricky Patrick
It's just one of those small 1% tweaks that may help you reach an unresponsive customer. Phone is still the best contact, email and text being secondary. My only advice would make sure you get the customer's permission before you text them. Your CRM should send an opt-in message first.
Adam Shiflett
I've seen text have a huge impact on response rates, but make sure that your forms ask for permission. Texting laws are even tighter than email laws so make sure you're compliant.
Clint Jones
What EXACTLY are the texting laws? No rumor, not opinion. What is the actual texting law?
Jamil The Carman
It's called Magic :) ,Texting is very powerful and people like it more than talking nowadays .For us as soon as we get a lead we call them, they don't answer we text them and email them. So yes text and text and then text .When they don't answer text them .text them one day before their appointment and one hour before their arrival .
mark rask
We do well with texting......our crm does have the customer opt in. I would like more input on the laws

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