texting vs lead forms

Mark Rask

what do you about having the texting button replace the form button on the vdp 

Thomas DeFranco

Hey Mark, we like to think that while the CTA request is important, the MOST important thing to is get that customer's information first. It's great if you have a click to SMS, but PLEASE make sure you get their info through that SMS process. If not set up correctly, we can see SMS/Chatbot's really struggle with conversions. We also sometimes we have better response rates with the the CTA "Want to Talk to a Real Person?" which incentives immediacy.

Sometimes you gotta just experiment, A/B test and see where to go from there. Definitely isn't an exact science!

Martins Ville

Have you guys ever heard of Drift? This is the chat/chatbot/sms that does what email and text alone cannot. It is free, and their Drift Video blows away anything dealers have on their sites. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Mark, it is a *strong* CTA - I do also agree w/ Thomas. It needs to be a live person handling those text messages. The other essential/crucial part of making it successful is ensuring that the first text message has relevant information. Where if the customer was to "click txt" and simply get an "automated" text message, the likelihood of their continuing the conversation lessens. Keep it real. 

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