The BDC Center Is Not An Operator!?

Derrick Woolfson

To my surprise, the setup I am currently dealing with is that *all* auto group calls (4 locations) go through the BDC, which as you can imagine is several calls a day that are completely unrelated to sales. That said, much of their day is spent looking for the right person to transfer the customer too and/or handling customer situations. This setup can lead to an absolute disaster for CSI. 

Do you have an operator? 

Chris K Leslie

We have Receptionists at all of our stores. But I found that adding a phone tree helped us out a lot. Since most of the phone calls are for service and parts. It doesnt make sense to route everything through to sales/bdc.

Derrick Woolfson

Exactly! We have the phone trees. But no receptionist/operator. So all the calls filter through the BDC, which has turned them into operators. I think it is a huge mistake. 

Joe Tareen


This is a huge problem and a sure way to fail your Service BDC efforts. The whole idea of a Service BDC is catching the 'appointment' calls and following up for service reminders. Anything else will take focus away from the real mission. Service BDC is not your extended switchboard. Thanks for bringing this up.

Derrick Woolfson

@Joe, for sure! And for every non-related call, which causes them to miss an appointment call is money down the drain. As the customer will only wait on hold for so long. Not to mention, there is nothing more frustrating then to call a place and not be able to get ahold of anyone. 

Mark  Nicholson

We visit hundreds of dealers every month, and I always hear how inconsistent most BDC's are.

Which still comes as a surprise since it's essential to sales, but most are not properly setup. 

A smooth BDC benefits all.

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