The level of excitement when answering a sales call

Jamil The Carman

I have been listening to random phone calls for my salespeople and managers and I have noticed that some of them are so boring and about to fall asleep when talking to customers.NO GOOD! .I have always wanted them to encourage customers and talk about the good things in the business and the car and why should the customer choose us over our competitors and other dealers.The positive energy and the good level of excitment when answering a call would create a good vibe and would make the customer comfortable about doing business with you  .What are your thoughts ?

Chris K Leslie

Totally agree and is probably the reason why many dealerships are instead routing all calls through a BDC. 

Jamil The Carman

Thank you @Chris not big enough for more expenses :)


Jamil, if you'd like to connect we can partner to create a training program within your budget. Phone handling is my specialty 

Jamil The Carman

I sold 42 cars in one month over the phone when I was 19 working for a booksheet wholesale company that's how I got into the business .The phone is my thing but most of my salespeople are older and think they know it all :) slowly things will be in place .Thank you for the offer though @Colin

Dealer Guy

Callsource is just $10 per month. Pique their interest, sizzle them on the lot.

A good idea is to OFFER PHONE TRAINING, and make it mandatory. Give them these options:

A. Get trained, make more money, be happier.

B. Find another JOB, if you don't like option A.

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