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James Walker

We had an Internet Sales/appointment coordinator, and the dealership felt that the position was unneeded, and eliminated it. I was pretty successful on the Sales Floor and did well with the Internet leads and with Maturing Lease customers, but management realized that a large number of leads were missing the necessary follow-up. The BDC position was instituted, and since I had a good track record with these customers, I was put in this position. 

I got no formal training, no talk tracks, etc. ( I have come to realize this is not unusual) I am gathering the needed info and skills, but what are some sources of training that I can get to make my learning curve a bit steeper? 

Any advice is welcome. 


Ricky Patrick
Brandon McNett

James - I have a ton of scripts and success guides I can share with you.  Feel free to connect with me and I can share some.  Ricky shared an EXCELLENT starting point!

James Walker


@Ricky-I already have the Phone Ninja Online scripts bookmarked and I am using them! They are really helping already

@Brandon- I'll be in touch with you today!

Thanks again! I really appreciate the help!



unfortunately, the dealership did a dis service to themselves and to you. I'm not sure how you can possibly have engagement within a reasonable time while working deals...with that said, if you can pull off off maybe you can get buy in to have the department re-instated and possibly head it up with additional staff...


remember that you are not trying to sell over the phone and simply create an appointment that shows, use some of the talk tracks as mentioned above and let me know if there’s anything you need

James Walker

@Colin- I'm off the floor only booking appointments, the sales staff had to be educated (yes, that's the word, educated) that I don't have time to work deals, or negotiate over the phone, etc. My job is to set appointments that show. 

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