The Value Of Internet Coordinator's Making 120 Calls Per Day

Aleksey Gubanov
What type of email system do you have in place? At our dealership, it would be impossible for our internet sales people to make more than 40- 50 calls per day as they are also composing and sending out emails. Do you have some automation in place or are you just dropping the email communication out of the process?
J.R. Batchelor
Aleksey, we train on having a automated process in place for e-mails for the first 30 days. Now this is a case by case basis because you may have a consumer that is wanting specfic information which will cause your staff to have to send out a custom e-mail which should also include incentive to get the cusomer on the phone also. Equally relevant as you know there is a very low open e-mail rate so that's why it always goes back to the phone and if the customer will opt in for text messages. The importance of 120 calls is due to the fact that we only have a 11-14% connection ratio on the phone and only making 50 calls per coordinator is not going to bring forth the results that are needed. Hope this helps I look forward to talking with you again if you have more questions. P.S. video e-mails is becoming the wave of the future but we'll talk about that later. Good luck and good selling.
Carlo Castillo
At our store salesmen answer leads work along side with our coordinators with lead follow up. Which works great for us. One of the biggest challenges I've had is getting coordinators on the phone to bang out 100-120 calls and getting at least 25-35 from the salesmen on a daily basis. Sitting down with each SM or coordinator the next day with phone reports when they didn't meet the minimum amount of calls wasn't working, they all thought they made more calls than reports were showing. We switched to a click to call company that provides 3 reports daily via email (11am,4pm & 8pm) that forwards to entire staff with showing them how many calls they have made by 11am,4pm & 8pm including how many calls the rest of the staff is making. Here they can see why top salesmen are the best and remain top salesmen month to month. Now when SM/Coordinator open the store at 9 and only show 5 calls on the 11am report, we can apply a choke hold on them to make sure they show up on the 4pm report. Same thing for someone who comes in at noon to close the store and shows a poor amount of calls at 4pm we now have an opportunity to address them then and make sure the job gets done by the 8 pm report. This has helped us not wasting and saving the days productivity on phone with entire staff. Hope this helps.
J.R. Batchelor
Carlo, great insight....getting the coordinators to make the calls is always a challenge however I know of a incentive which works great to show them that it's possible. Have a contest for who can make the most calls in one hour with the winner getting $100. The winner will have 40+ calls which in return you can show that if that can be done in one hour there is no excuse why 120 can't be done in 8 hours.
Craig Waikem
Our bdc associates get 75-125 calls in a day depending on lead volume and their schedule. We offer a bonus incentive for the top two associates who make the most calls on a weekly basis. Its part lf their payplan. Guess who is also always the top 2 in sales and appts?
J.R. Batchelor
Craig I can rest assure that the ones that make the most calls always lead the board....

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