Thinking About Changing Website Providers, Advice? Thoughts?

Eric Miltsch
Jackie, It's not that they're hurting, the excessive use of the H1 just isn't helping - think of it as simply confusing the search engine as it looks at the page and tries to determine what the page's content is all about. In theory, if the H1 tag (and the page title & description) are all consistent for the term "About Us" what you're doing is optimizing for the term "About Us" - and nobody is ever searching Google for the term "About Us." Also, think of each page as a folder in a file cabinet. Each folder needs to have the "tab" describe the contents as specific as possible - if the tab just says "papers" that won't help you very much when you're looking for a specific paper you filed away about "dealer pay plans." Organize your content & meta dat around the page's specific content and relevant keywords.
victor vel
Interesting conversation, any other dealers experienced this from V8 to V9. The backend is much easier to use, but I will not argue on a difference in traffic from V8 to V9, has anyone had a different experience?
David Ortiz
We still have the V8 platform and haven't switched because we weren't able to get a confident answer from to some of the SEO concerns that you mentioned. Your SEO guy may just be looking for answers, but I don't think that's it... Like I mentioned, we still use V8 and even though there is a high use of H1 tags, you just have to be cognizant of the additional content you add and if you use H1 tags within the content of those pages to not confuse the search engines of multiple "main" headers. (not sure if this is on yours) uses the "H1" tag for "brand" most cases {Dealer Name}, and the pages usually follow suit with H2 and H3 tags depending on content. What I have seen, is when there is a website structure change that all the SEO work that has already been done is not relatable to the new structure (broken links, etc). Was there a change to the menus, etc... Did you lose most of your custom pages?
Tasha  Larson

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