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bonnie vitola

I am looking for some good third party lead providers. I have tried Autobytel, Dealix and True Car. Any suggestions as to providers?

Tori Zinger

Hi, Bonnie! I recommend checking out Vendor Ratings - all of the reviews are 100% verified to have been submitted by real dealership employees who have used the product they are reviewing. I think you'll find it helpful!

Chip Dorman

Bonnie, you've already tried the "best" third party lead providers. What are your expectations in terms of closing rate and profitability for these leads? If you're expecting these people to actually be interested in a car you have in your inventory and/or be ready to buy you're going to be disappointed. Realistically, you should expect to close 2% and plan on your BDC having to spend a lot of time following up with them. If you're expecting your sales reps to follow up on these, you're going to be really disappointed. At an average cost of $20 per lead, that's $2,000 per hundred leads and $1,000 per sale. There's obviously variances, especially with subprime and used cars under $7,000 to $10,000, but that's a special niche. 

Bottom line, unless you're just looking for cheap garbage to fill up your CRM, keep your BDC reps busy and show management that "you're doing something," start doing some real marketing and generate your own high quality leads/foot traffic.

bonnie vitola


I understand your point but we are always looking to grow our business, we were just looking to see if anyone had any other ideas. I am certainly not looking to bog down my crm with "just leads". We have had providers in the past who produced just that. We do our  own marketing and are successful with that as well as our sales reps following up diligently on their leads and closing at a great rate. The reason we were reaching out was due to the fact that we are successful with our process and just looking to grow our department.


Tracie Costabile

Hi Bonnie,

Forgive me if this seems forward, but instead of third party leads, have you considered boosting traffic to your site so you can generate first generation leads?  They tend to close at a much higher ratio and you don't have to compete with anyone else for that customer's business.  Check out the vendor ratings for Dealer Leads.  We've been rated #1 in first generation lead conversions by Google Analytics for two years running.  Feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any questions.

Chip Dorman

Bonnie, have you maximized your other channels yet? Have you considered using AI to really drive your sales and lead gen? It's hard to have an in depth discussion like this. You have so many more and better options than third party leads. If you'd like, call me at 949.910.0421 and we can discuss. 

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