Thoughts on Trade-In Tools?

Marissa Marazzi

Looking to get some feedback on trade evaluation tools - directly on your dealership's website - you use, have used or are looking at?

Many customers who are looking to get a new vehicle always are wondering what their trade-in value is worth.

As you know there are websites they can visit to accomplish this goal, like, except it seems counter productive making them leave your site, then buying leads from such considering those same leads are also sold to all competitors.

I strongly believe trade-in applications directly on a dealership's site have MANY benefits for customers by making the online purchase journey process faster and more convenient. As well it establishes credibility through transparency by providing the information necessary to assist the customer in making a comfortable educated decision. As for a dealer it's a great way to deliver value to increase trade appraisal appointments, increases qualified traffic to your dealership showroom, keeps the customer on your site, and opens the door to conversation with a new customer. 

I'm curious to see what tool you may find effective that you can use directly on your site, without making them leave and results in high quality first party leads? 

Carl Maeda

I agree 100%.  This line of thought is exactly why we developed our own trade-in tool, just for our own website clients.  We can customize each install to the website and make sure the trade in form is one stop in the customer's car buying process instead of the final destination.


John Marazzi

You are correct Marissa. It is extremely important to have a tool. It's even more important to make sure that tool doesn't cause you lost sales by either UNDER appraising or OVER appraising a customers trade-in. 

Jim Bell

I am seeing TradePending showing up more and more on our websites and it is a very user-friendly platform. If I were still on the retail side, I would be utilizing them based on the UX on desktop and mobile. 

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