Bobby Morales

It may seem like a simple question but then again no question has a simple answer. 

In today's age with the Internet giving so much information about vehicle pricing I would like to find out what this forum feels on sending a quote to a customer when requested by the customer. In detail, when the customer has refused the invitation to come into the dealership and has requested a quote; do you should comply or refuse to send the quote to the customer? 

This is not from a BDC group but rather from Internet Salespeople working the customer from cradle to grave. Should they proceed to send the quote after customer has declined invitation to visit without first receiving a quote?

Sales Manager on the tower's opinion is to NOT SEND A QUOTE BECAUSE THEY WILL SHOP YOU!

(Observation - Are they not already shopping you when they search the Internet?).

Look forward to everyone's opinion? 

Martins Ville

Are we back to the stone age? 70% of initial email with clear pricing get a customers attention. If you think the customer will not shop you and hard selling works if you're lucky enough to get the customer to visit, you are still living in the stone age. Customers love to see the numbers, and unless your are not competitive, you have much to worry about 

Lance Knopp

We send a quote on 100% of our fresh leads if it is not a Vin or stock number specific lead then we send them a quote on a lost leader truck that will be our most aggressively priced vehicle on the lot.  All of our vehicles on the lot are priced aggressively so I don't have an issue sending a quote on a Vin specific lead either.  Our subject line state "Price Quote from Bob Price Auto Group" research shows customer that submit a lead the #1 thing they are looking for is a quote so we give it to them. Works well for our dealership I am sure other have a different process that might work for them. Just my 2 cents 

Brittany Crutchfield

If they've refused to come into the dealership and want a quote, and you DON'T give it to them, you've already lost them. At least attempt to sell them the vehicle.

If you ignore their requests, then they're just going to go to the next dealership that does answer their quote (and probably the dealership that interacts with them overnight as well).

Martins Ville

If we stop being car people, and start being honest and upfront, we're going to see the tide of resistance head to sea. Sending a quote on a base loss leader FWD W/T when you know they want the AWD LT is bait & switch to me. Treat your customers as you would want to be treated.  

Lance Knopp

I have a lost leader from each trim and vehicle so if I don't know what trim they are looking at our default is a Custom and LT package trims for Silverado's we don't stock many work trucks and we don't use them for lost leaders on them as they are mainly for companies. 

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