Top Five Ways to Increase your Internet Department's Closing Ratio

Russ Chandler
All very good suggestions Michael. Where do you think something like "incentivize customers to visit the dealership" lands on a list like this? Something along the lines of a special offer/gift card/coupon ect.
Tom Vann
Rock solid info, Michael! Russ nailed it, too. I find that VIP Appointment Numbers with non-salesy perks (presented correctly) lead to 80% - 92% appointment show rates!
Russ Chandler
I like that, "VIP Appointment Numbers". Incentives that can still be had without buying the car are correct. It's okay to incentivize shopping behavior but if you only incentivize actually buying a car it definitely comes across as too salesy and won't give you that increase of customers showing up from your advertising. Awesome stuff guys!
Shannon Hammons
Incetives are great as long as you give them the minute they walk through the door. Don't make the customer wait for them, if they were promised deliver quickly. It builds trust at take pressure off of the customer. We all know people buy from people the like and trust.
Russ Chandler
Great point Shannon, a great strategy anywhere its possible to do so. What are your thoughts around action-related incentives? For example: Customer is given an incentive around the test drive or appraisal of a vehicle. Do you hand over the incentive up front of a test drive/appraisal or can you make them wait until after the action. Keeping in mind the customer would most likely have known that they would receive a gift card for the action prior to coming into the dealership. It could be other specific actions but these would probably be the most common. Any other thoughts?
Shannon Hammons
Russ, I think if you made it known before they arrive, that the incintive would be for a certain action, then yes it would be ok to wait until action was completted. After they complete then give them the incitive. You still have their trust.

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