Tracking sold e-leads?

Victoria Dillabough

How do you track sold leads in a month? 

Simply off  your CRM? 

Does an Internet Manager/BDC rep have to have a certain amount of "contact" to get paid, or do you pay them no matter what? 

Curious on everyone's practises

Amanda Hanson

we use our crm 

Victoria Dillabough

Amanda, don't you find that your CRM isn't reliable for this? 

Amanda Hanson

you know, i’ve never noticed this but never dug in enoigh

Amanda Hanson

what issues do you find?

Victoria Dillabough

for me, you run the risk of losing e-leads unless you're super amazing at reconciliation - when it gets sold under a business, a spouses' name, when the name is spelt wrong... or is this just dealersocket?

I have to keep a second tracking source handy

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