trade numbers over the phone

Chris Nelson
Juust wanted to hear what some of you have to say about giving trade numbers over the phone when the customer lives out of town. It seems when I do this I generally lose the customer.
Grant Gooley
We always explain to the customer how important it is to see the vehicle before giving numbers. You can also tell the customer you would hate to give a number that was to low, so you have to see the car. I would always give a low, high range so you don't loose the customer. Then say "In order to get you the highest amount I have to see it and show it off to my Manager" Hope this helps, worked when I was in sales!
Dealer Support
Give them a +/- 20% of the value and say that is all you can do over an email without inspecting the car.
Megan Barto
I love the word "disservice" & "buyer" Grant, I know you want the most money for your 1987 Ford Pinto, but I'd had to do you a disservice and not be able to provide you with accurate figure because one of my buyers didn't have an opportunity to look at your vehicle. A professional in-person appraisal by one of my buyers only takes about 20 minutes, when do you have availability to stop in? Now or later today?"
Dealer Support
Megan your comment reminded me of this video
Grant Gooley
Megan, BANG ON! You have me sold :)

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