Trade-In Email Templates

Adam Ross
I'm looking for an effective set of templates specific to trade-in requests off the dealership website. Anybody got some that they'd be willing to share?
Chris Pyle
Hi Adam. We have one that we use for trade leads: Dear XXXX Thank you for contacting Lexus of Wilmington and for using our trade appraisal tool for your XXXX. As nice as it is to have an idea what your vehicle may be worth, most of our customers tell us they would prefer having a real dollar amount instead of a range. That’s why I’m reaching out to you today. My goal is to give you a real number that you can take to the bank, whether you buy a car from us or not. Having this important piece of the puzzle makes the buying/shopping process that much easier and allows you to focus on the most important thing of all...finding the perfect vehicle for you and your family. Here are 3 things I’ll need from you to start working on getting an actual cash value for your car (the exact amount we will write you a check for, whether you buy from us or not). Vin# Mileage Condition If it's more convienient, we can even send someone to your home or office to finalize the appraisal which takes less than 15 minutes. If at any point you would like to talk about your trade, the vehicles you’re considering, or anything else I can help with, please don’t hesitate to call or send me an email anytime. Kind regards,
Adam Ross
That looks great, Chris! Thanks for sharing. Do you have any follow up templates specific to trade-ins also? Or is the follow up more generic, why-buy-here messaging?
Chris Pyle
Unfortunately after the 1st one it slacks off a bit and is more generic. By generic I mean we still reference their trade, but we try to get a conversation started by using various talking points about our dealership, brand, etc. That being said, it would probably be a great idea to create a follow up process just for this type of lead. I've often thought about looking at the various lead types for any sort of variance that would make a specialized process more effective (Truecar, Edmunds vs mobile vs OEM leads etc) and I'm sure it's possible. For example, I'm sure mobile leads respond better to youtube links or video vs people at work who would do better with just an HTML format. I've also wished for a system that tracked where they've been prior to sending the lead and could adjust our response accordingly. Even better would be a system that tracked email opening and web site engagement and could either send or alert someone to send something relevant at that perfect time of peak engagement. I'm sure this all exists somewhere, just wish I had it ; )
Lauren Moses
Chris, I think we all feel the same. The hardest part is not being the person signing the checks so that you can make those calls to get the things that will work best.
Chris Pyle
That day will come! ; )

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