Rikki Tachman

Hey guys! So I'm doing some research and I was wondering if you guys know of any good training tools and resources my co-worker and I can use. Unfortunately, our dealership doesn't have the funds to pay for a pricey training program. I'm wanting to know tips and tricks that the professionals use, or things that have helped you grow immensely in your department. 

Any help would be much appreciated!


Ricky Patrick

Phoneninjas will coach your phone calls for $35 per call. You can tell them how many calls per month you want coaching for. Also, they will do one-on-one training over the phone if you prefer that.


Hi Rikki-youtube has a ton of training videos. Phone Ninjas offers free scripts 


I would recommend live phone coaching/training over the phone if you're looking to keep your cost low if there is (any) budget for training...this will give you the most for your money as opposed to call coaching. This can be very  effective and MUCH more cost effective than an onsite trainer 

Chris Sondesky

Check out Steve Staunings videos; they're fantastic.  After that, digital/remote phone training is best to help pinpoint once you've got all the basics down and you're asking for an appointment every time, with the right word tracks.

Michael Smith

Everyone has nailed it so far.  Steve Stauning and Phone Ninjas are both great.  Joe Webb has a lot of great free advice on his website

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