Training Tips?

Megan Asbill
Good evening! I'm a Business Development Representative at a dealership in Southwest Missouri. Our BDC is growing and developing more every day! I'm very excited to be apart of it. However, we're needing some kind of structured training class/classes, along with ongoing training. I'm trying to put some material together. Any advice is welcomed with open arms! Where do I start? Where do I end? What goes in the middle? There is SO much to learn in this industry and I'm not sure where to begin. Thank you so much for your time!
Lauren Moses
Megan, First off, I think you came to the right place to get some great answers. I would also look on facebook as there are lots of great groups that do the same thing. As for training tips, what do y'all do now for training? Get yourself on youtube and watch, watch, watch! There are tons of videos from all kinds of people on BDC training....Just search. Phone Ninja's, Jim Ziegler, Sean V. Bradley, just to name a few. If y'all don't have a process in order, get one. Make sure everyone is doing it, and doing it all the time! Hope that helps and good luck! Feel free to reach out any time with questions. I don't' do BDC, but I handle all our dealerships internet
Marc McGurren
Megan, Lauren is correct, you came to the right place. Definitely jump on Youtube and do some searching. Lauren all mentioned folks you can learn a ton from. PCG (full disclosure - the company I work for) is working on some online courses that will be extremely affordable geared towards training BDC and Internet Departments. These should be live by mid to end of August. You can take a look at our current courses at, but all geared towards digital marketing as of right now. Also, take a look on LinkedIn. There are some great groups there to learn from. Hope this helps!
mark rask
Megan.....first off.....welcome! Try driving sales university
Blair King
Hello Megan! Have you started any phone skills training yet? This is super important for a growing BDC. Check out and see the courses and videos offered. There is ongoing training offered by viewing videos on-demand, or attending live webinars- all free of cost to anyone who wishes to join. This is a great way to grow your BDC's phone skills as rapidly as you are developing!
Ron Henson
Hi Megan, All responses in this thread have given some great ideas! Here is one more.

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