tricking website visitors?

Tori Zinger

A store where I used to work had a call-to-action (CTA) on the VDPs, right below a slashed-out price, that said, "Get Internet Price." Yet, often, when I asked my manager for the internet price in response to a lead, he'd tell me, "The one that's listed IS the internet price. That's our lowest price."  

Does this ever happen at your store? Is there a better way to word the CTA so that it doesn't feel like you're misleading the customer to click on the button, fill out their contact info, and then get the exact same price, when they expected at least a slightly discounted price?

Ricky Patrick

The best option is to not have that button at all. 2nd best option is to label it "Get your out the door price" because then you can give them the price with their applicable taxes and fees. They might click because they think they're getting a discount, but you're at least giving them some useful info.

Andrew James

In general, the text of a CTA should indicate what the next step is for the visitor. I like Ricky's suggestion for "Get your out-the-door price".

Derrick Woolfson

This continues to be a heated topic at our store - where our CTA’s on the VDP (mainly) “request sale price” is seen as trickery given that, well, the internet price is the sale price. And all of these CTA’s about price is awkward. Really, with mobile click to call becoming more and more relevant, if it were my store I’d have the price, and simply “call now” - “value my trade.” I just think that having request sale price when it’s actually your price is very confusing. 

Amanda Gordon

This is a interesting topic price in general.  In pre-owned we have to sell the vehicle at the advertised price or face future discrimination assumptions if there is a variance whether it be a "cash price" "bad/good credit" price or "family/friend price."

Derrick Woolfson

@Amanda, I had not thought of it that way. That is a good point. Pre-owned (for us if they are priced right) tend not to be an issue for "request sale price." However, that is a completely different story for new cars. 

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