True car....

jeff kasman
True car seems to be getting really ugly lately with low closing rates and a ridiculous amount of no response....anyone else???
jeff kasman
True car does not set prices. We have a portal to set them ourselves Yes there is a fee to true car but that is after we sell the vehicle
mark rask
dealers set the prices and there is a fee per sold unit
mark rask
We noticed our closing rates falling at the end of our time with them.
Chad Voorhis
True Car does not set the prices, the dealership sets the prices via a Dealer Portal. Depending on the dealership and what they work out with the rep will depend on what they pay when a true car lead is sold. Now in certain states like in Colorado they were sued by one dealer principle and forced out of the state. They fought the law suite and won but they could no longer charge per lead sold now it has to be a set dollar amount with a guaranteed amount of leads each month. Now as for the responses I noticed that our response rate dropped when True Car went to the spoofing of the customers email address. For example lead comes in the email will say the dealership does not get the customers email and you have to email true car and they then relay the customer your email after they make sure you're not doing anything hokey poky. I have seen that if you don't have the email formatted the way they want you to have it formatted they will not deliver the email. How do I know this I secret shopped my own store with a correctly formatted email and an incorrectly formatted email.
Michael Smith
We have been pretty steady with closing rate. I have not run into a lot of the issues other dealers have had in the past. I am paying less than I was for and getting more leads and definitely more sales.

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