True Car Revisited

Bill Palomba

Curious as to the latest round of opinions on the current True Car model. It appears that TC is developing affiliations with more and more entities (one of the latest being Chase Auto Finance) leading to a whole lot of sold units with TC's fingerprints on them, justified or not. While I may grudgingly admire their business model, from a dealer's perspective, this is getting pretty expensive, especially when we suspect many of the leads are crossover from other sources. Thoughts? 

Joe Tareen

Time for dealers to focus on opportunities out of the service drive.

Ricky Patrick

My issue is the expectations they set for customers by allowing them to configure vehicles that often do not exist. What ever happened to advertising our inventory and prices? It seems like the whole system is designed to cause more conflict between customers/dealers.

Aaron Berg

We dropped true car at both of our stores about a year ago and I do not think we have lost a single sale. What I found was the vast majority of true car customers still end up at the local dealer with a certificate from another store. When going through our reports, our customers coming from true car were our customers from the start and stayed our customers after true car was dropped. For any dealer on the fence, save your money, you will not miss a beat.

Ben Reynolds

We signed up for TC and wanted to do just New as we needed to improve New sales in a very competitive New car market for Chevy and Ford.  They would not let us only sign up for New we had to do used as New was $299 and Used was $389 per sold.  We did not have a lot of cross over when we did sign up. We were always priced better but got very little return on New. Tons of Used so we cancelled.  Dealers need to join together and stop using 3rd Party providers that offer any kind of partnership lead drive from any banking source. With such small margins in gross we need to get the financing.  I agree many customers printed off the voucher and took it to a closer store anyway.  DO NOT USE THEM!!  

Mark Dubis

Third party providers will continue to develop, grow and thrive as long as dealers continue doing business the way they always done business.  Dealers who lack a marketing strategy, do not provide tools to help their sales people build their brand and extend their networks, and have a culture that truly put the customer first, will always gravitate to these third party solutions.   It's actually pretty simple to compete with TrueCar and bring their customer into your showroom without paying TrueCar a nickel.   The fact that most are not implementing the solution proves they have no marketing aptitude. 

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