True Car Revisited

Bill Palomba

Curious as to the latest round of opinions on the current True Car model. It appears that TC is developing affiliations with more and more entities (one of the latest being Chase Auto Finance) leading to a whole lot of sold units with TC's fingerprints on them, justified or not. While I may grudgingly admire their business model, from a dealer's perspective, this is getting pretty expensive, especially when we suspect many of the leads are crossover from other sources. Thoughts? 

Ben Kuscsik

Joe's comment is spot on.  With roughly $600 per sold customer invested in the DMS, there are so many ways to make ridiculous ROI just sitting there waiting to be taken advantage of.  Choose your focus and choose a company built on helping you get those results.  You can be BDC focused, SVC Drive focused, or Marketing focused, but your best return (BY FAR) is in respecting the investment made.  Pattern interuption selling outperforms internet leads that historically produce the lowest gross, and come with a big fee.

DJ Snyder

@Mark Dubis - I could not have said it better. Dealers who think they need 3rd party vendors to provide leads and help them sell cars have missed the boat on properly running a dealership or business for that matter. If you reinvested the money spent on these companies on your own branding and marketing strategy it would be next to impossible for these companies to come in and resell you your own leads. 

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