Use of iPads

Ben Stewart
Hi All, I'm the Digital Marketing Specialist for a Chevrolet/Buick store in Minnesota. I've been asked to setup several iPads for use by our sales consultants. Here is my question: What can I load onto the iPad to make it something a sales consultant will use? We don't plan on using them for signing documents or anything else like that. We can load the General Motors Dealer Sales App, Chrome, etc. I had a couple ideas: Ask salespeople to make videos using the iPads. Allow them to name drop. Present equity mining powerpoints. Show a video while on the showfloor. Take a photo of the customer taking delivery. Any suggestions for other uses? I would like for them to use the iPads on the lot but I don't think our WiFi is strong enough and these iPads dont have data.
Chris Comisky
If you use a tool like CarStory or Pure Cars, they have an app that can be loaded on the ipad that gives salespeople the ability to search your inventory without being connected to the internet. It connects once per day I believe and then they just have your fast loading inventory at their fingertips. Using Pure Cars you can search by reconditioning items like used inventory with new tires, new brakes, or carfax 1 owner vehicles, etc. It's a great tool for a sales person on the lot.
Brad Wise
Do they the CRM tool with the IPAD?
Ron Henson
My question is the same as Brad's. If your CRM is available on mobile device that's a great way for them to stay connected to the customer while entering data into the CRM. Also, when collecting trade information it is useful to take photos of the vehicle. Vauto has an app for this.
Neale Martin
Hi Ben, I use an iPad for my b2b strategy. It takes under 10 minutes to shoot, edit, and upload the video, then share it through email or YouTube. Here's an example, and my process: It requires: An iPad/iPhone/Mac, a YouTube account, iMovie (apple application), a script, your dealers logo (.png), and an in-depth understanding of how to use the YouTube Creator tools. 1. Write a :30sec script (that you memorize, but also don't read verbatim). 2. Create a set: somewhere in your office or dealership with decent lighting, and then you can use a flipboard or whiteboard in the background if you'd like also. 3. Shoot the video live, keep it under 45sec. 4. Upload the video into iMovie, create a 'movie project'. 5. Use the editor to make quit edits to the opening and ending of the video. 6. You the title tool to add you name & dealership into the bottom corner. 7. Apply one of the simple filters to quickly correct lighting. 8. Upload the video to YouTube, and set it up as 'unlisted'. 9. Instead of emailing the video as a hyperlink or embedded in an email, share it via email through the YouTube page. (this way your prospect gets the video from YouTube, instead of some random guys email - this apparently has a higher open rate - we're trying it out now). ALSO - It's important that you go into your channel settings on youtube, click 'branding', then add a watermark (PNG of your dealer logo) so it will show up in the corner of every video. It would also be beneficial to add a branded leaderboard and thumbnail to your channel. When we send out a video, we set the title as "Hi________(prospect's name), it's Neale from Dashboard!" I hope this helps!
Rebecca French
I'm not sure if any of your demo's have the wifi turned on in the new Chevrolet models, but if they did, I'd be showing every one of my customers how the built in wifi works with my iPad. I love this new feature! Great selling point for busy parents. If you can't find one turned on, I'd use the iPad to show a video of it working on youtube to the customer.

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