Vehicle Videos and Lead Responder

Tony Thorstad
We're all in with this True Video tool. The company have built a system whereby dealership staff can do actual VIN specific walk-a-round videos using a SmartPhone. Part of the product allows for personalize lead responses, email or text.Watch this and provide feedback. Watch this 2016 Scion iM in Madison!
mark rask
This is a great idea IF the salespeople will use it
Lisa Gillen
That's usually a pretty big IF. We have video capabilities built into our CRM which allows for the same tracking and accountability on video requirements that we utilize for other forms of customer communication and follow up. Without it being a part of our CRM accountability would be nearly impossible to maintain.
Lauren Moses
Lisa makes a great point. Video is amazing. And you can see amazing results. However, you have to have the buy in from your sales people to really make this effective. But, if you can get a few doing it, and doing it correctly, everyone else will see the difference it's making in their sales and will get on board. I would check into several different places that offer something like this. You may find something that does more for the same price or less.
Jason Stum
Ditto to what Mark, Lisa & Lauren said and I'll just add video by itself doesn't sell cars, people sell cars with video. In my experience there's only going to be a small percentage of your team who is comfortable using video as a means of communication. Discover who those people are, and give them everything they need to be successful. Also here's another option for video message delivery
mark rask
Jason is so right.....we have a hard time getting very many of the sales people to use video.....even when we offer bonuses for it.....Also don't ever try to make them do it! Doesn't work!

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