Vendors Do Not Work With Each Other?

Derrick Woolfson

At the Presidents Club conference, there was a great conversation with regards to the notion that vendors do not communicate with each other. In that, you have to log into multiple portals to see what is actually going on with the customer. And while this might be the case - depending on the vendor - much of that information that the vendor collects can be put into the CRM. In doing so, it enables you to see the full picture with regards to where the customer is at in the car buying process. For example, our CRM allows us to see when the customer is visiting the website. The report then enables us to call the customer, and have a meaningful conversation as we can see what vehicles they are reviewing. This is not to say all data is in the CRM, but it is possible to have data in the CRM from multiple vendors. How do you handle this at your dealer? And do you have the means to see what the customer has searched on your dealer website? 

Martins Ville

All your money should be in Google SEM & Retargeting, that's everyone. Fix your VDP and offer fewer CTA. Control the customer, don't give them choices. Then as a vendor you want Carfax and CarGurus Premium service. The fortune is in the follow up, not hiring every vendor. If if your not using Drift for messaging and instant chat and boots, you're blowing your money using every vendor under the sun and Facebook. 20 years in digital automotive says so.

Mark Rask

this is a challenge 

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