Video response for internet leads?

John  Swanson

Is anyone currently using video in response for internet leads? If so, what does your process look like and has it been effective? Are there any tools out there that play nicely with your CRM? DealerSocket email response only allows you to embed a YouTube video or attach an MP4.

Rohit emmanuel

I have a website which provides general information about all the cities, does video marketing help my blog or I just need to try something different. My website is hyderabadboss

Derrick Woolfson

@John, we are using our CRM, Dominion Vision. It is the first CRM that I have experienced where the video actually works! You can easily insert a video directly into either an email or text message all from the mobile app or desktop! Whereas, previously it was a complete hassle where you had to shoot the video, download it, email it, upload it to YouTube to then try and link it into the customer profile! It easily took as long as twenty minutes to complete a customer video. As for tools, I have not seen any that I am 100% impressed with - it seemed easier to use our own YouTube channel, which also helped with marketing efforts. 

John  Swanson

Thanks for the note Derrick. I am hoping DealerSocket roles out some type of simpler video integration...though I'm not getting my hopes up so I may have to look into a new CRM provider. I feel this will quickly become the standard for lead response, but I believe it could be a huge competitive advantage if we adopt it early. 

Bart Wilson

Is anyone doing it outside of the CRM?  Having that integration would be handy, but is it essential?

Jonathan  Shumway

Hi John,  DealerSocket rolled out video capability through the texting tool at NADA this year. This is in addition to the video attachment currently available through the mobile app.  Nice to have it integrated in the CRM,track open rates and allow customer to respond with video's too.   

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