Vin Solutions have an enterprise solution for BDC?

Ricky Wood
I am setting up an enterprise BDC for my two dealerships. I am wondering if anybody has experience with VinSolutions and whether their systems allows for such multi-store usage? Thanks in advance for y'alls help!!
mark rask
I looked at vin and I think that it would work fine. We elected to go with dealer socket instead
Megan Barto
Ricky - you can do it. It's not hard at all. On the "Lead" Screen, all the BDC rep's leads will show up in the same place. The tasks will be broken out for each rep and segmented by store. You can also build custom reports so a GM (like you) can keep an eye on both store with the same report, which can also be e-mailed to you at an interval you select (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). Back in the day - I used to work leads from 2 stores within the same VinSolutions user account -- if you need help setting it up/tweaking it - you know where to find me! ;-)
Megan Barto
And I forgot to add - within the Custom Dashboards, there's even an Enterprise BDC & Enterprise CRM :-)
mark rask
I am sure that it can be done with vin
Lezlie Brannan
Enterprising is easy in Vin, especially in regards to leads, processes, and reporting.

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