Vinsolutions Sales Manager Training

Christian Younggren


Christian Younggren


The 6 Highly Effective Habits of Successful Sales Managers. VinSolutions is popular CRM (Customer Retention Management) tool for automotive dealers.

This video helps teach and train Automotive Sales Managers the daily responsibilities to assure the dealership receives the maximum benefits from their VinSolutions CRM. 


Martins Ville

I'm just not sure why this isn't VinSolutions responsibility. 1 out of 20 sales managers might watch this video - but shouldn't they be trained in the front end and re-trained often by Vin? At least we all know Vin is 10 times better than CDK, in my opinion, but both still are not working. Until dealers look OUTSIDE auto tech, you are stuck with what you got. HAHA!

Morgan Hardy

Do other CRM's offer something similar?

Christian Younggren

Martins, Morgan & Driving Sales Nation...

Thank you for your comments. It would be great if CRMs hired someone w. dealer experience to do something similar. I created this for a dealer group I used to work for due to lack of manager utilization. I normally do recruiting, sales training, and individual coaching, however, I had a friend who is a GM reach out to me last week telling me he wants his sales mgrs to "live" in Vin Sol. b/c he is of the opinion that going forward true ecommerce hold the keys to success. So I dusted off this presentation to help out. (It's not that old! 👴)

If any of you from Driving Sales Nationwould like this Vin Sol. presentation for management staff, I will gladly present, VinSol for Sales Managers, for your team at no charge as my schedule permits.

It would be my way to help out during these crazy times. 😊

Mark Rask


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