Vroom, Drivin, Roadster, etc...

Jordan Walters
I'm curious to know what everyone's thoughts are on these business models. There are so many variables on the used side that don't exist on the new side. Do you see models like this becoming the norm? Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Clint Jones
I just don't know if we will ever see these business models becoming normal. I believe that if you are in a densely populated area, you can build a tremendous business around these models. I think that the percentage of people that will utilize sites like this are so small that you will need millions and millions of people in order to support the business. I will admit that they are really cool ideas.
Jordan Walters
Thank you guys.
mark rask
Clint has a good point....great idea but is it practical?
Jordan Walters
I think it makes sense on a lot of levels, but to your points is dependent on the right market for it. Thanks guys.
Jon Scott
I have looked at this a few times and as we sell new Ford vehicles nationwide, shipping is a big expense. I have been thinking along the lines of creating a database of all franchised dealers who are willing to offer Courtesy delivery for other dealers. Some dealers like to specialize in service, some sell retail to fewer customers and make bigger margins and are not interested in the numbers game, some don't have the ability to market effectively in the digital landscape. These are dealers who could take advantage of the more digitally savvy dealers who are going after numbers and can reach customers who are willing to complete their purchase online. The Vroom models can be done by franchised dealers if many can co-operate. Trade-ins and can be profited on by the Courtesy dealer either by a buy bid or by offering a service to send to auction. Service is always an opportunity for the courtesy dealer to create a relationship with a new customer or retain on an existing customer. I recently tried to get Courtesy delivery from three Ford Dealers in El Paso, TX who wouldn't even return my calls. The customer tried to arrange too, no luck. They not only lost out on a sale, but lost the opportunity for service too. Dealers can take on these services as a group... If anyone is interested in offering Courtesy Deliveries, email me at jon.scott@bobsmithmotors.com and let me know the brands you carry, where you are, the fee you charge and if you can deliver to a customer's home or business and what range for that. I will then put together a database if there is enough interest. Let me start off with what we will offer. Ford, Lincoln, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Billings MT, $250 Courtesy Delivery charge with $1.00 per mile round trip USA shipping up 500 mile radius.

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