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Shannon Hammons
Looking for best practices on doing walk around videos
Dustin Lyons
I have put a lot of thought into walk around videos, the best way to make them and have them be effective. There are a few potential issues that come up and some questions that should be thought about, like: Are you looking for just a few videos of new models that can be used over and over? Or are you looking to do walk arounds on each vehicle that comes through the inventory whether it is new or used? Are you wanting them to be generic enough that they can be sent to multiple customers? Or are you wanting them to be personalized for each customer? Obviously one of the tricky parts with this is the time it would take to shoot personalized videos and walk around videos of every car on the lot, and my experience would tell me that sales guys aren't going to want to take the time to do this although I think the more progressive ones will definitely see the value. It would probably be more efficient to keep the videos a bit more generic so that they can be used over and over and this way you can really leverage the skill of your sales team and you can focus a bit more on quality rather than quantity. Who is going to shoot the videos, and what equipment will be used? The simplest and quickest way is to shoot them on your smart phone, however there are limitations to quality, consistency, sound, branding etc... Having some walk around videos are definitely better than having none, however there is something to be said about having a quality video to represent yourself and your store. By using a professional with professional equipment etc... you will get a much better product and you can incorporate your branding etc... to make sure that it looks and sounds great. Again this also suggests that perhaps having more generic videos that can be used multiple times is probably a good strategy to make things as efficient as possible. So for example you could have salesperson A do a walk around on an F150 making sure to highlight the major features of the model in general and pointing out that there are other color, trims, accessories, and options available. Salesperson B could then do a walk around on an escape and do the sale thing. A few more thoughts for you on this. I am a huge believer in leveraging online video and social media. You can take an hour and make a nice video and have hundreds of people see it, rather than just that one up that happened to come in. It is a great way to prospect for new customers, and develop the relationship with your customers before they get to the store. I recommend also having high quality introduction, follow up, and thank you videos for each sales person. These can be highly effective in converting more web leads, setting more appointments, getting in more be backs, and more repeat and referral business. This is exactly what my company provides for dealers, affordable professional videos and solutions to make them utilized as effectively as possible. I try and focus on the salesperson themselves, and I have my reasons for that, but my company could certainly help with walk around videos as well if you are interested. I also have an app in development that will be coming very soon that will make it very easy for sales people to use the videos that we provide but also to take their own pictures and video, brand them, and have them integrate with social media or be sent directly to the customer. A few things that will make my app different from others out there is that I will have some automation built in in terms of automatic follow up etc... and it will have some specific features for the auto industry. The goal is to make it so easy and quick for a sales person that there is no reason why they won't use it. I have been a team leader and I know how it can be to get sales guys to even make a few follow up calls let alone make a video. If you choose to do these videos on your own, I recommend investing in a good camera that has the ability to have an external mic plugged in. Then I would invest in a wireless microphone so that you can hear the sales person over traffic, crying kids, etc... Try to find a spot either on your showroom or your lot where the lighting is good and it is generally quieter. It helps to have someone who knows how to shoot and get the best angles, frame the shot correctly, hold the camera steady etc... Having a crappy looking shaky video that sounds terrible will not do you any favors. Once the videos are shot, have a good computer that you can use to quickly dump the videos onto, have pre made titles and branding ready to go and then get them uploaded and optimized. The key is trying to find the balance between having your videos look and sound good and having them done quickly enough that they are effective. Good luck! And let me know if you have any other questions or if I can be of service.
Dustin Lyons
Here is a follow up question.... If you could have a professional come to your dealership monthly and shoot a walk around video using high quality equipment including microphones so that the video looks and sounds good, have the video branded with your logo and contact info, uploaded and optimized on YouTube to get the most views, and the cost was only around $100 per video and it only too a few minutes of time away from each of your staff, is that something that has enough value to seriously be considered? This question is open to everyone, and the reason I am asking is that while I currently don't focus on walk around videos, it is something that I can easily add to the mix and it seems that it is something that dealers are wanting. I just need to figure out the balance of making it financially feasible for a dealer as well as myself. I hope you don't think I am trying to hijack your post lol, I am truly wanting to create as much value for as many people as I can.
Grant Gooley
Hi Shannon, Dustin has made some GREAT POINTS! Content generation in the form of a walk around is a great way to drive traffic to your website if you are attracting the right people to your videos through social, blogging and other forms of digital advertising. Great on you for reaching out. My short answer is to concentrate on quality on content in the video and don't worry to much about being "Movie quality". People want a quick understanding of the vehicle. Be sure to point out the best features on the vehicle. Again people want to know the good stuff. Good luck!
DJ Snyder
Shannon - Elise Kephart has some great "Branding Videos" you can also see her do a few walk arounds on her youtube channel. Take a peak at Robert Wiesmans Videos also I would suggest keeping videos under 90 seconds. Simple short and sweet... Keep them engaged. Check out this service from Authntk http://www.authntk.com/tag/walkaround-videos/ Elise Kephart - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmbZf7g4APM Robert Wiesman - https://www.facebook.com/flexdealer/app_192229990808929
mark rask
We do not like to use canned videos. We try send personal ones to clients./

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