Walk Around Videos

Victoria Dillabough

We use walk around videos 100% of the time when responding to an online or phone in request... personalized to every customer, every time. Do you guys use them? Have you seen a jump in closing percent of leads, and responses from customers when you include a walk around video? Or just an unnecessary, extra step? 

Bart Wilson


How do you solve the bandwidth problem?  Also, what equipment do you use to video your walkaround?

Scott Kuykendall

I use an iPhone and post to a youtube channel so you can send the link via text or email


Ricky Patrick

Yes, I used to but now that 90% of our leads aren't on a specific vehicle I find it's a little less effective. 

Bart Wilson

Ricky, have you pivoted to videos introducing the dealership or rep in that situation?  

Ricky Patrick

Bart, yes at first I did them myself but have since utilized videos of our bdc reps with a message along the lines of "I wanted to put a face with all of the emails and voicemails" 


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