We NEED more leads

Mollie McGrath

I'm in a struggle right now where the higher ups cut a few of my lead sources, one being TrueCar, which basically cut our lead intake in half. We used to average between 300-400 leads per month now we're lucky to break 200. We're currently on with Autobytel, cars.com, black book and we just signed on for paid cargurus. Can anyone suggest some lead sources they use with good results, I know they can all be a little hit and miss but we have to get more people to talk to back here.

All suggestions appreciated, thank you!

Colin Thomas

Mollie, I certainly understand your dillema. The title of your post caught my attention. Anyone that knows me knows that I generally look a little further into the "We need more leads" comment and usually do a quick mystery shop. I have a few suggestions for your dealership, I'd be happy to share them either privately or publicly. 

Jeff Glackin

Mollie, in my opinion Facebook is where you should consider spending your money. You can drive highly targeted, in market shoppers directly to your inventory for pennies compared to third party leads. Who is handling your Facebook page today? If it's in house ask them if they are familiar with unpublished post. If it is handled by a third party, I think you have a completely seperate issue. 

Eduardo Aragon

Hi Mollie, I hear what you're saying. A lot of dealeships that buy leads are put in a position to continue to buy leads to maintain sales quotas. It can be somewhat of a vicious cycle. 

One great tool that we have seen used with great success is a lead magnet landing page. 

Here's one http://nationalfinancejournal.ca/ It belongs to a Canadian 3rd source lead provider  https://www.canadadrives.ca/ This company ( which I don't work for by the way, but I research for business) provides Canadian dealerships with most of their sub-prime leads and has a stranglehold on 3rd source sub-prime leads in the country. 

It has been very successful. 

Dealerships can regain control of their sales cycles by properly engaging visitors that hit your website with the right content. 

Jeff Glackin makes a great point, and you can use a lead magnet like the one above to attract shoppers scrolling through their facebook feeds with targeted ads. 

You can also redirect some of your PPC spend to pages like the one above. 

You could create your own content, drive people to it through facebook or ppc spend, and provide them with enough value that they submit a credit app or convert into an appointment.  

Many times this is much cheaper than buying the leads. 

Hope this helps you out!

Russ Chandler

Hi Mollie,

I would recommend looking at your own website vs 3rd party sites, especially when on a tight budget. There is usually a lot more opportunity to collect more leads and typically 1st party leads are going to convert to sales more often. Is your website traffic decent? Are trafficing your unique website traffic to lead conversion rate? 

I took a quick peek on your website and it looks like you have put a lot of effort into the optimization of your site. If you have a good amount of traffic coming through than even finding a small improvement in overall converion that equate to a large result at the end of the month.

There are tons of technology solutions that can attach to your site using a variety of stragies. You may even be able to consalidation with what you already have for an updgrade that doesn't increase budget. On top of that, their also some free options that can be somewhat limited but are still free. 

Good luck with your numbers and if you do consider working on your own site check out http://perq.com/auto-dealer-software/ 

Mark Rask

Try to drive as much traffic to your own site....however everyones lead count is down

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