Web Hits vs # of leads

Joe Fritts
Out of your monthly web hits, what percent of them are actually filling out the contact form? Throw out the bad data leads as discussed earlier, what % of those contacts make it back to your dealership and then what % do you close?
Grant Gooley
Ill answer one of those questions. If I answered all 3 I would be writing a 1200 word piece. (Maybe a blog post :) Sessions (web hits) to conversions (leads) is always around the 2% - 4% as an industry average. I will not give out specific numbers from our group as that would be against contractual agreements. However, this totally depends on what you consider a conversion. Form fills are eroding due to the consumer getting sick of being inundated with emails. So you will begin to see form fills drop and phone calls go up. With mobile it is so easy to just "Click to call"... If you are converting 4% or higher I would be proud of your website!
Aaron Wyse
Good Answer Grant! But I would go one step farther.. As I explained to one of the GMs we've had since I took over the Internet Department here.. Sumbitting a lead is the next to last thing you want them to do on your site.. The last thing is to simply leave and go to the next site. Your objecting is to get them to want to get in the car and drive to the lot.. If not, you'd want them to call you.. I put things on our site and on Social Media that says to says you saw this special {HERE}.. That way when a prospect comes in and says I saw on FaceBook you have ..... Then they know what to put down..
Robert Karbaum
In order to effectively monitor this, you need to separate fixed and variable operations. Otherwise, you really don't know where you stand.
Chris K Leslie
What's a hit?
Robert Karbaum
I'm guessing they mean sessions.

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