What are the review sites you would be monitoring?

JD Rucker
Hi Kelly, You have the important ones covered. The most important thing to check would be 4 searches on Google and Bing: [Dealership Name] [Dealership Name] [City] [Dealership Name] Reviews [Dealership Name] Compaints Check through the first 3 pages on Google and Bing. Any review sites that are listed in those searches are worth monitoring. Any that do not show up are not going to affect you. It's the tree falling in the empty woods - if a review site can't be found, do those reviews actually matter? Don't spin your wheels on review sites that nobody is visiting. The vast majority of traffic to review sites comes from searches for your dealership. Nobody is going to citysearch or some of the others to find reviews on you if they're not ranked for your name.
Darryl Humbracht
Kelly, Definitely pay attention to Dealerrater.com, you can also have contact at once do your live chat on dealerrater.com and other 3rd party vendors. We receive several leads a month from DR and sell 90% of them...
Jason Church
100% right - it is not the site, it is if it getting traffic from the search engines. Some local markets tend to focus on a review site that may not be as strong. Dealerrater is more mature on the East coast - less on the West Coast. Don't ignore it - but be aware what is coming up in searches in your area.
kelly hazlehurst
Thanks everyone!

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