What changes should we expect in automotive retailing in the next 5 years?

Anil T

Technology disrupts every business models day by day. What should we expect in dealership business in the next five years? 

Jared Perkins

How about online retailing through Dealer Inspire's Online Shopper? This tool is revolutionizing what dealerships have the capability to reach shoppers, not in the dealership and greatly adds to the user experience. 


Anil T

Digital retailing is already here and many players are already in the market including GoGoCar. Any other trends do you see? 

Jared Perkins

Dealer Guy, Online Shopper allows you to explore payment options from credit app, to working with dealerships local banks to get financing through the interface, as well as choosing warranties, accessories and valuing your trade-in. As far as the PRIMARY objective goes, they can see the bottom dollar of the monthly and overall pricing/loan details before making the purchase.

I like to think of it as a more informed analysis of purchase process rather than just looking at VDP pricing. Can still research MSRP and incentives all you want through any other websites, but as far as the bottom dollar and all the details, OS has that covered.

Jared Perkins

Dealer Guy, there is more to it all than a fancy payment calculator and while it is not for every dealer, we have seen some amazing success. I understand your skepticism, but I would challenge you to actually take a look at the product before you lump it in with other "Buy it now" codes out there. The future will make purchasing online more and more prevalent. You could spend years trying to develop your own, sure, we did but it is also here and already being used. Here is a case study of one of our first dealers to use it.             Online Shopper Case Study
Click to find out how Online Shopper can perform for you!

Just discussing the topic of this discussion, online purchasing is going to be a mainstay. Regardless of my affiliation, this is a pretty impressive and fully comprehensive product.

Aruna V R

@Jared ! Well, Its good to see another competitor. We have a bunch of dealers who have increased their sales using our product. Even they had received appreciation from their manufacture too. 

GoGoCar to give you the best price and deal in every aspect. Pricing transparency allow the salesperson to close a deal without more negotiations with less time frame. 

GoGoCar built various capabilities from research  to deal closing. 

GoGoCar ALL-IN-ONE solution overwhelms dealer to hassle-free inventory management, special pricing, real-time trade-in offer, E lender offers & express deal closing.

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