What do you call your BDC employees?

Ricky Wood
We are starting a BDC and have a great team assembled. Before I order name tags, update the websites and business cards I wanted to see what everybody calls their digital wizards? BD Agents Digital Sales Professionals Customer Care Advocates Business Development No idea. Can't wait to hear all your responses!!
Lauren Moses
I honestly don't like Customer Care Advocates. It sounds more like a hospital or nursing home title to me. I like something that stands out and may even be funny. "Phone Ninja", "Computer Wiz" something that a customer sees the name tag and laughs and it breaks the ice. Maybe even let the employee choose (with approval of course). It stands out and is different than your run of the mill dealership.
Robert Karbaum
Minions :P
Lauren Moses
That too! The manager can be Mr. Gru!
Dennis Wagner
BDC Agents, BDC Reps.. I guess that would depend if you are going to have them actually selling cars or just setting appointments and answering internet leads.
Ron Henson
How about "Communication Directors?" Customers like thinking they are speaking to someone with some authority. It's all about perspective.

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