What is considered to be a good contact ratio?

Eric Miltsch
Hi Nora, Are you referring to the ratio of prospects contacted vs. your total lead count? Or do you mean something else like appointments made vs. appointments kept?
Brad Hampton
I am going to assume you mean the contacted % of total internet leads. This number depends a little on the structure of the department. Cradle to grave departments generally have a lower contacted ratio than a BDC or Appointment Setters. Mainly because their goal is different in regards to lead management. Generally in all the stores I have run reporting in, a 70%-80% contact ratio on 500 leads is doing an average job. You can create different campaigns for customers who have not responded within 7 days and you can reach 90% but it usually takes a dedicated approach, with A&B testing to determine which nerve you need to strike for a response. You should at the very least be using a CRM that can track email open's to see if the lead is actually opening your emails. You can move those into a different campaign than the ones who are not opening emails. Those that open, but do not respond are the dealership's best opportunities.
Craig Waikem
Brad, when you report 70-80% contact ratio, within how many days? Is that within 7 days?
Jared Hamilton
The contact ratio is highly dependent on your marketing sources. If your leads are mostly coming from used car marketplaces like cars.com and autotrader, as well as organic optimization of your sites (PPC, SEO etc) you should run 80% or better. If your leads are almost all coming from third party sources, your contact ratio should be around 65% or better. Naturally, your blend of marketing has a huge impact on your contact ratio and based on your blend you will fall somewhere in between. Anytime someone asks me "what should my contact ratio be?" my first responses is to ask them to break down their leads for me. Make sense?
Jim Bell
I'm with Jared on this...shoot for north of 65% contact rate, appoint north of 50%, and close north of 50% shown.
David Simpson

For the sake of discussion. How are you defining "contact" ? Are you counting a "read email" as a contact? or are you defining a contact as an actural connection such as  email generated by the customer or a phone call connection? 

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