What is One thing You Have Learned From Listening to Phone Calls?

Derrick Woolfson

With many of us (if not all of us) having a phone call review system, when is the last time you reviewed your inbound calls? I know many of us are very busy during the day, but working with our staff to enhance our phone call quality can have very a positive effect on our results.  

Do your calls automatically go into the CRM? 

Bart Wilson

It's surprising how customers aren't offered an appointment.  Salespeople can get derailed from their script and not even ask.

Chris Travis

Anytime a manufacturer rep would come by and coach us then my GM would have me screen all the inbounds for a few weeks with reports. Then he just wouldn't ask anymore and not much would change. Lots of times even during a warm transfer where the BDC agent would explain to sales what the customer was looking for the sales team member would always just ask over again instead of reiterating what BDC told them then probing further or answering their questions. 


Besides sales, I do noticed at the three dealerships that I worked at that if it isn't a sales lead but comes into the sales number the customer gets bounced around a lot and transferred because receptionist/sales teams members aren't sure where things go nor do the proper departments answer pages. Looks bad on the dealership. That is a big one I brought up a lot. They'd pass around an extension sheet but still nothing much changed.

Chris K Leslie

Our sales calls automatically go into the CRM. There’s always room to get better at phones which I think comes with time and experience. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, beyond not 'asking for the appointment' the other common issue is that if the unit they inquired on sold (pre-owned or new) the answer tends to be "sorry, the unit sold." Whereas, they should be offering "this unit has since sold, it was a hot vehicle was that the only make and model you were considering? I do have other similar units available, and can even potentially save you money" - this is not to say by any means that it will work every time, but I have found that in some cases - pertaining to pre-owned - the customer was looking at a price range, not a specific unit. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, you bring up a great point! As a BDC Manager, I saw that issue happen every day. We had a conversation with the customer - passed it onto the sales consultant - they either did not follow-up and/or asked the same exact questions over again. There were many of times where the customer would call back into the BDC and ask to work with us. At which point, we tried working with the sales consultants to instill trust on both ends. Where there were times they did not trust that the BDC knew what they were doing. This is not a good experience for the customer, either - no one wants to have to repeat themselves all over again. 

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