What is your Internet structure?

Bart Wilson

How does your store handle Internet leads? Do you have an Internet Department, a BDC, or does your sales floor handle all traffic?

Martins Ville

BDC fosters leads, then they set up an appointment to come see a sales manager. Sales person attempts to sell, if no sale, salesperson and BDC will follow up. Perpetual follow up until customer or prospect opts out.

Victoria Dillabough

Bart, we do a few things!

I do the first response (Internet Manager) and includes our best pricing. From here I send them to the Team Leaders... who distribute to the sales guys. I have a bucket of all my BDC opportunities, and together with the salesman we work to get a response. Generally one of us is emailing something of added value per day

Martins Ville

Victoria, I think you'd see a lift in setting appointments by trying more texting. Does your store have texting enabled?

Mariah Chapek

We have a BDC department that handles our internet leads. Once an appointment has been set, it gets assigned to a specific sales person who carries that lead to the grave, whether it sells or not. BDC may tap back in when necessary to re-engage or revive. Texting has been a game-changer for us in terms of raising our contact rates and appointments set! 

Bart Wilson

What's your time limit for sales follow up?  Do you give the salespeople access for a determined time frame or is it more on if they make contact?

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