What the Digital Experience completely lacks, is the most important facet of car sales

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What the Digital Experience completely lacks, is the most important facet of car sales:

The test drive. The most important emotional trigger point historically, up to now.

What good is it to read 134 reviews from people who love the car you are interested in online. You've had 846 digital touchpoints, hit up every dealer and website, and now have found a dealer willing to sell you the car you want, exact color, trim and all (at a loss) for what YOU thought it could be purchased for. Hurry, you have finally truly bought a car online, Almost.

The big day arrives, you've avoided those seedy car dealers, and have found a heroic website who can seemingly do what no dealer could do until now. The test drive is about to occur, you are face to face with the car dealer, and oops... It's not like you "thought it was" on the internet!

"this seat is hard" and "it looks really cheap", then during the test drive "it's loud" and "I can really feel the bumps", and of yeah - that color is gone and the one closest to it, includes floor mats you never congigured and had no plans on paying for.

So the point is that in as much as we try to perfect the online experience - we have created a process which KEEPS people online. The illusion is that the effortless confidence of websites fill promises of hope, and rock bottom pricing no body can  touch, misses the entire importance of the test drive. Something digital, VR or anything cannot ever replace.

How many people buy cars, and don't care about the test drive? 1% We're missing the 99%


well said 

mark rask

This is a good point

DJ Snyder


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