What would a Good Closing % be for chat?

Christopher Murray
Shannon, I saw and liked the question immediately. I call Contact at Once yesterday on an unrelated matter but they did indicate that shoppers using the Chat device had a purchase horizon out to 60 days! I was surprised at this but have nothing that goes against that information.
Shawn Ryder
Hey Shannon - in term of chat software for your dealership, what do you like ? And where do you see a need for improvement? We are going to develop a chat solution, so would love some feedback on chat software!
Shannon Hammons
I really like the contact at once product that we are using. I just have to make sure that my guys are turning those chats into something.
Christopher Murray
Shannon, that's the tough part. I personally handle every chat I can and read the transcripts on the ones I do not handle and there is a common theme of anonymity and "get answers and go" tactics used by the shoppers. Contact At Once is an excellent program/device by the way.
Tom Vann
Hey Shannon! We've recently been testing a new CHAT session conversational management strategy that follows our pretty unique SELLING METHODOLOGY PATHWAY while leveraging the dynamics of on-line CHAT clients, both from PC-based CHAT sessions and MOBILE CHAT sessions (sorry, that's a mouthful!). Anyway, the results are TOO FEW to use as benchmarks, but we've found a 24% appointment ratio with PC-based clients and a 40% appointment ratio with MOBILE-based CHAT (Our show rate is 82%, which has to do with our appointment process). Sales closing ratio is 32% across both. These numbers have increased appointment ratio by 7% and 11% respectively, and the staff has yet to be fully comfortable with the process. The next 4 weeks will be a tell-tale of effectiveness. Our first focus was directed towards the selling methodology and it is expanding to the difference between PC and MOBILE. I'll do a BLOG post in about a month with more analytical data and offer a brief on our selling methodology. Cheers! Tom
Shannon Hammons
Tom, Would love to here more about this.

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