What Would You Like To See Included on DrivingSales??

Tommy Bay
Bless you, Matt, for getting this list together. These are great suggestions that we'll add to our own ever-growing list. A couple of quick comments for your list so far: - You CAN edit your forum posts. There's an edit button in the lower right of your forum post box that says 'edit'. Give it a try! - A jobs section has been on our radar for over a year. We're excited about that one! Thanks! Keep the feedback coming!
Matt Lowery
Oh look at that, I can edit now! sweet! Ill take that off the list, and as people post here, add to the above post
Matt Lowery
LOL, actually I see the edit button, but it tells me "You don't have permission to edit this comment. #201686 " So we will call this a work in progress Seems I can edit my lower posts just not my top one
Tommy Bay
Whoops! I've submitted a ticket to look into that, Matt. Thanks, again, for the feedback!
Matt Lowery
Oh, here is one. Rework how the DScore is calculated. Im all for a gradual erosion over time, but it seems steep right now. Most people never get out of the single digits. It makes it hard to see who regularly contributes and who is new. Jared has a score of 1. Also allow us to highlight an achievement or two in our titles and photo section. Like Super Blogger (with 10 or more blog posts) or Digital Marketing Graduate from DSES. You have an achievement system, but its never seen by anyone. Let us pick a couple to show off on all our posts (would also help highlight peoples contribution on the site).
Jessica Masterson
I'd love to see social links to our Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, FB, etc. profiles if we choose to share those.

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