What's your opinion about listing only MSRP as your selling price on your website?

Steve Simon
Always looking for the best way to increase floor traffic. Would you list only the MSRP on your website and expect more or less phone calls, e-mails, walk-in traffic or less?
Grant Gooley
Here in Ontario, Canada we MUST put "All In Pricing" for every listing. Meaning, we need to add in admin fees. It's annoying because it's not monitored heavy and some dealers don't do it leaving the ones who do with less leads because of the price increase. To answer your question, I say transparency is always your best bet.
Robert Karbaum
Anytime you adjust your marketing to decrease transparency in an attempt to generate more phone calls, "you're gunna have a bad time". For example, if you strip your pricing from all your portal listings and replace with "please call" yes you will receive a lot of calls. Unfortunately, most of those calls will be duds, your sales staff will become demotivated, and your floor traffic will plummet. I've done extensive testing on this (against my will), and it never turns out well. Your entire increase will be limited to people wanting to know the price, and hanging up. Transparency always wins in the long run in my books.
Shannon Hammons
I agree with Robert. Why not just put whatever price that you are willing to sale the vehicle for on your website. Be transparent, and I think you will see more sales.
Matt Lowery
The purpose of my website is two fold, to drive traffic in my showroom, and 2nd to increase my leads so that I can market to people to... drive traffic to my showroom. How does only giving an MSRP do any of this? People are on your website to obtain information, information you are willfully withholding and I bet your competition is not. But I understand your desire to hold out, you want them to contact you, you dont want to give them everything and get nothing in return. So you need to get creative with your call to actions. What I do, give MSRP, then give a Sales price that is very competitive in my market, that price has a strike through it with a get Eprice button below it. So there is an incentive for the customer to contact you. Those who do get a price a few hundred dollars less than whats posted, but those just looking for information has a very competitive number they can shop with. Give and take... with just MSRP on your site, what are you giving?
Michael Bilson
Matt: Excellent points. There was a time in the industry when the argument used to be "Do we list a price at all." Nice to see that we are moving away from just the "price" and re-focusing on the "value".

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