What's your TrueCar experience?

Tony Wood
One of my many responsibilities is to track the effectiveness of our lead generation sources. Since I'm relatively new to my role, I only have a couple months worth of data to go on. I'm noticing that we are getting a somewhat high number of bad leads from TrueCar and that a large portion of the TrueCar leads we're getting our essentially using our TrueCar pricing to shop their local dealership which is not a TrueCar member, but will obviously price match. We're trying to stress to these customers the importance of doing business with a TrueCar dealership when using TrueCar pricing. We attempt extra incentives etc. to pull them in. However, when it boils down to it, most of the time they're going to save themselves a 2-4 hour round trip drive and get the same pricing opportunity from their local dealer. What is your experience? Are you having similar issues with customers outside of your PMA? Have you found a good way to overcome it? Thanks in advance for your input!
Chris Johnston
I am a HUGE FAN of TrueCar.com........sorry, I had to stop laughing maniacally! I am the whole internet department at my dealership, and in my opinion, the only people making any real money from TrueCar is TrueCar! In the Kansas City market, TrueCar has SIX Ford dealers to compete with, not to mention the price matching exercises we are doing for everyone else. I'm watching this one closely. If there are best practices to make it more effective, I'm all ears!
Megan Barto
When you say "bad leads" how exactly are you determining if they're "bad?" (sorry if this is a basic questions, but I need to know in order to answer the rest of your questions). :-)
Tony Wood
Thanks for the input so far guys! My idea of a bad lead is a lead with a bad phone number/no email/wrong e-mail (bad point of contact basically) or a lead that is using us just for shopping locally. We get that a lot from our leads that come in from a city an hour away and some from a city two hours away. Both of which have local dealerships that are not TrueCar members. We can't prove it, but we're pretty confident that there's a salesman or two at their stores recommending they get a TrueCar quote from us to use to get the deal they want. We've come up with creative ways to provide extra incentive for making the drive and have obviously offered to deliver the vehicle as well. When the customer is unwilling to even remotely entertain that option, in my humble opinion, they had no intention of making a purchase from us regardless of the deal offered.

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