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Philishia Crum
From a BDC Perspective, Give me your Pros/Cons to the following crm solutions: Promax ADP Imagiclab Dealer.com GO! Thanks in advance.
Skutch Henks
Promax CRM - Nice CRM, but their websites are questionable, plus it's Windows based, makes it very difficult to develop on, they have spam issues. ADP - Simple, but it's an older platform, very limited. No website, but CDK is working on something, maybe 2 years out. Imagiclab - Nice CRM all around, great features, Linux based system, but they do not have a website option. Dealer.com - Nice CRM all around, only 4 years old but a lot of talent and resources are developing it, Linux based, spam filter, texting, great desking, group employee chat, solid website integration, great for dealer groups, all DMS supported, and all OEM's now approve too. Other solid Linux CRM options I know of: DealerPeak & DealerSocket/DealerFire What website do you have? Out of that mix above I'd have to say Dealer.com is the front runner. Any CRM that has an integrated website will make everything better. From the initial handling of leads, to getting everyone trained, to your overall shopper traffic and BDC/CRM reporting. HTH
Philishia Crum
Thanks for your input! We are multi franchise and have multi websites. Cobalt, and dealer.com not to mention others.
Skutch Henks
Next step is to get all your rooftops under one website-CRM combo, will make everything so much easier, more efficient, and manageable.
Megan Barto
Why don't I see VinSolutions or DealerSocket on that list?
David Roberts
There is one other company that should be added in this discussion. It's called ZMOT Automotive Digital Velocity. ZMOT Auto (a member of the Cardinale-Group of companies) was created by dealers for dealers and is recognized as the only digital-partner managed by active dealers. ZMOT is best known for providing tailor-designed digital sales solutions, 1:1 sales attribution and regional exclusivity for automotive dealerships within the United Stated and Canada. ZMOT targets and delivers a buyer direct to the client-dealership through an integrated digital strategy focused on a 'zero moment' buyer action. Five years ago this California client made the decision to abandon 'third-party leads' and 'set it and forget it' multiple digital marketing vendors to develop their own in-house digital marketing expertise. That decision paid off handsomely and changed the game known today as "The Digital Dance." Skutch also made a very good point; "Get all your rooftops under one "umbrella"...much easier, more efficient & manageable. ZMOT does it all, and they just joined forces with Flick-Fusion. If you want to know more, please contact me.

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